Nikos Stavlas was born in Syros, Greece.


Since 2010 he’s working as a freelance photographer. Starting initially in his hometown – where his is a member of Syros Club of Photography – for the past few years he lives and works in Salzburg, Austria.


His work has been featured in various group exhibitions and he has earned awards and collaborated with artists mainly from Greece and Central Europe.


Known for his B&W, high-contrast and sharp portraits and landscapes, his favourite style remains Street Photography, always seeking images with strong energy and the perfect frame. Since 2012 he is also interested in photographing Performing Arts and he has collaborated with various dancers, actors, musicians and acrobats.


In recent years he has also started actively pursuing his passion for painting, focusing on Abstract Art with acrylics, a technique which allows him to free his imagination and depict all the shapes and forms he’s envisioned.


His motto is that art in general is a form of creation and it’s through this creation one can find and maintain happiness in life.